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Contest Rules

The following is a short list of the rules for the Green Dragon Development Mobile Application Giveaway.

Contest Rules and Expectations

One winner will be selected per contest. If the winner doesn't respond with in 3 days, a new winner will be chosen and announced.

Contest Winners are selected at random, age, race, creed, sexual identity, religion or lack of religion, are not factors considered during winner selection, IT IS RANDOM!!

The Green Dragon Development Application Giveaway Contest is for a simple, small business application published on the Google Play App Store. Other versions and deployments may be arranged at cost.

Contest Applications may be listed in various profile documentation used by Green Dragon Development.

Winners will be asked to share that they won The Green Dragon Development Application Giveaway Contest on their personal social media accounts.

Winners will be asked to leave a review of Green Dragon Development on 5 review websites.

Winners will be asked to submit a short video of themselfs using the application for Green Dragon Development promotional efforts.

If there are any questions or concerns about these contest rules or our Privacy Policy, please be sure to contact us for clarification.

Thanks for reading =)